Wiki sites are more popular with web suers than ever. Having a wiki attached to your site allows users to add to the group knowledge base and draws visitors seeking information to your site. The success and visibility for your site can be greatly enhanced by the installation of a wiki software platform. Tikiwiki is a free, open source wiki software platform that has many features that wiki users look for.

Tikiwiki features blogs, map servers, articles, and image gallery, user forums for discussion of article changes, bug trackers, a link directory all in one easy to use and easy to configure wiki package. More than just a wiki software platform, Tikiwiki is a full content management system that will help you and your suers get the most out of your wiki, not matter what the topic.

Tikiwiki also features fine grain user permissions that allows users to have access to exactly the functions they need to best contribute to the community. Tikiwiki also has a powerful templating engine that allows administrators to control the look and feel of their wiki. With over 300 developers, new add ons are being create all the time, increasing the level of functionality in Tikiwiki. Tikiwiki\'s code is upadted every two hours, so you know that Tikiwiki will always have the latest features and security enhancements.