Displaying galleries containing photographs or other images on your Website means you will need a gallery script or tool. Here are some of the best light-weight - and free - gallery tools currently available.

View.js - This jQuery gallery slider is modern, beautiful and can be integrated just about anywhere. What's more it is responsive, so it will work on mobile devices such as iPads or iPhones, for instance.

Flexslider - Produced by the Woothemes team, this great jQuery slider offers an array of customisation features and is also responsive.

ColorBox - Easy to use and fully customisable, this jQuery plug-in is exceptionally light-weight and allows users to utilise and customise the script to suit their specific requirements.

LiteBox - A smaller, simpler version of the Lightbox2 gallery script, LiteBox allows quick and easy creation of zoomed thumbnail images on Web pages, as well as supporting both individual images and image galleries that can be navigated.

Shadowbox - This so-called media viewer application script enables developers to link to flash, images, text, video and Websites, as well as various other media, without making it necessary for visitors to leave the page they are on. Offering a relatively good support community, this application works in just about all modern browsers.

Mac users, by the way, may want to check out the excellent Fancy Zoom application.