If you are ready to upgrade your existing web site, but you're not quite sure if you need a dedicated server, you may want to consider purchasing a cheap VPS hosting solution. These servers are generally much less expensive than a dedicated option and they offer many benefits. Let's take a look at what a virtual private server can do for you.

First, it is important to understand how a virtual private server works. As you can tell from the name, it is virtually private. This means that it still resides on a shared server, but you get the benefit of having your own space on this server. Instead of having to share the same space with hundreds of other customers, you'll have your own little niche that is all yours.

This is a very important factor for many website owners. Privacy of your content is vital especially if you are doing business with the public. When your site resides on a typical shared server, it is much easier for hackers to break into all of the accounts. Basically, if they can get into one account, it is that much easier to break into all of the accounts on that same server. If you are storing credit card numbers or personal information on your web site, this can be disastrous.

However, this is much more difficult to accomplish if you have a virtual private server. No one else will have access to your data, except you and the hosting company. While there are still risks that hackers may be able to break into your account, they are much less than the risks on a shared server. This can help you sleep easily, knowing that your customer's data is safe.

In addition, there is another benefit to having your own virtual private server. When you are a on a shared server, you are held bound to the whims of the other customers who share that space with you. If they install an application that crashes the server, your site will be affected too. Although many companies try to limit the types of applications that can be installed on an account, some people still manage to get around these rules. Once again, your data can be compromised.

When you have a virtual private server, you will not be affected if this happens. Your data is locked away from the other client's and you won't have to worry that they may do something to crash your site. You'll also have the benefit of having a lot more freedom to manage your site the way that you would like.

A virtual private server will usually come with a control panel that will allow you to easily manage many aspects of your site. Whether you want to install a new application with a single click or you need to see how much disk space you are using, it will all be right there in front of you. Control panels make it easy for even novices to run their own web site.