Here at kNet Hosting we can offer many a web hosting service to suit the need of every customer who requires web hosting, from personal users with just a few web page hosting needs all the way up to complex ecommerce business websites with large an extensive catalog of products, when compared with other web hosts both our packages and services exceed all expectations.

Shared Hosting

Most customers will find our shared packages exactly what they are after, shared basically means that your website is hosted from a large power server which is shared with other customers, do not let this fact put you off, the servers are extremely powerful, we never overpack them and your files are 100% secure from other users. All of our shared packages come with stacks of web space, bandwidth, the cPanel hosting management software, website building software and expert support from our Team.


There are a few reasons you may require a VPS option, they are:

1) You have a very busy website that requires dedicated resources such as RAM and CPU, with a VPS you will get dedicated memory and dedicated CPU, which is for your use and your use only.

2) Your website or application required custom software that is not required on a shared server, with a VPS you get full root access, meaning you can install software and execute advanced commands which are not possible on the shared packages.

The main advantage of a VPS over a dedicated server is that the costs are much much lower.


The reasons for using a dedicated server over a shared are pretty much the same as a VPS but obviously with a dedicated server you will have even more resources at your disposal and is aimed at those who require vast amounts of processing power and memory, due to this, dedicated servers cost more than a VPS.

Domain names

As well as hosting we also offer domain name registration services, 99% of the time if you require web hosting you also require a domain name, why not register your domain with us and have both your web hosting and domain managed under the same roof. We offer all the major domain name types such as .com, .net, .uk, .org, .info and more at affordable prices.