Huge numbers of Websites exist for the specific purpose of getting visitors to make a purchase, request a service or sign on for one thing or another. This means that the site needs clear calls o action - how else would visitors know what to do next?!

All too often, these calls appear in the shape of the infamous 'Click here' button. While it is true that this button clearly wants the visitor to do something, it does not in any way describe what it is they are doing by clicking it. To be really effective, however, call to action buttons need to tell visitors what they are about to do. Examples include, to show but a few:

'Sign up here'
'Request a Quote'
'Download your Copy'
'Download Software here'
'Learn more about...' and so on

In short, it is essential to show clearly what it is you want visitors to do next - and what they can expect to find when clicking it. If you really can not make do without the 'click here' make sure it follows more to the point information (eg: 'To request a Quote, click here'), as placing the 'click here' in front usually results in visitors scanning pages not taken note of the rest.