It is a contemporary reality that all new start-ups, and even companies which have been in
existence for a long time, find Facebook pages to be almost essential to their firm's future. So
much so that Facebook pages have a very significant role to play in operations of a company
relating to marketing and promotion. There are several reasons for this.

Anyone who is anybody is on Facebook; everybody is on Facebook. This immediately expands
the client base tremendously, as you have the option of reaching out to new people every second
that your page is up there on Facebook. A clear second fold advantage of this tactic is that users
remain in direct contact with the heart of the firm, so that all queries and questions are easily
addressed to the firm. Additionally, all promotions, discounts, and updates on future products
are up there on a page which is frequented daily and even multiple times in a day by potential
consumers. Hence, it becomes the simplest and the most accessible form of marketing.

Additionally, Facebook pages also avail direct insight into the strategies, promotional offers and
relative popularity of rival companies. Another important point is that through Facebook pages,
it is very easy to take the feedback and understand the preferences of your customers. Through
opinion polls and surveys, it is very easy to find out which of the products your customers prefer
and what they would like to be improved. On top of that, Facebook provides its own analytics
tools relating to traffic and popularity of your page, so you know exactly where you stand.

Facebook pages are one of the most efficacious promotional mediums in today's time; and the
unsurprising reality is that Facebook's influence is an indispensable part of every company or
business' marketing strategy.