WordPress is a specialized blogging program that is used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers everyday. WordPress offers full compliance with W3c standards, ensuring forward compatibility with the web tools of tomorrow.

In addition to support for blogs, WordPress offers WordPress Pages, so you can publish and maintain non-blog pages with ease through your WordPress interface. If your blog has multiple guest bloggers, WordPress supports multiple authors.

WordPress also offers supports for hundreds of premade themes and templates. It also comes with a full theme system that makes it easy to customize your entire site with a few clicks of your mouse. WordPress also offers full support the Pingback and Trackback standards. WordPress also supports Ping-O-Matic so you blog is crawled by major search engines.

Comments are fully customizable and can be disabled for individual posts. Through your blog settings, you can also allow anonymous commenting for any post. WordPress also supports password protected posts for restricted access to sensitive material as well as private posts that are only available to the author.

In addition to hundreds of built in features, there is also a complete library of hundreds of plug ins that extend the functionality of WordPress.