XOOPS is a free, open source web authoring tool that allows web site administrators to create and maintain dynamic web sites with full interactivity. XOOPS is based on PHP and the MySQL database and is full compatible with any PHP-capable web server, including Apache.

A lite installation of XOOPS can be use as an effective blog platform sing only the news module. For a larger site, additional modules like the web links, forum and downloads modules can be individually configured to offer maximum functionality and customization to web site administrators. XOOPS can also be used for large web sites and includes ecommerce modules such as eShop.

XOOPS can be used to fully customize a dynamic web site and modules can be added and deleted from a web site with a simple mouse click. There is no need to learn complicated coding in order to have a fully dynamic web site.

XOOPS supports multiple languages and offers administrators a versatile user permission system. This gives administrators control over who can add content to the site.

It is easy to change the look and feel of web sites created with XOOPS. Administrators can choose from a selection of templates and allow users to select a preferred template for the ultimate in user friendly web design