Smarty Hosting

Smarty Hosting

Smarty focuses more on web design and templates. It is a PHP framework that handles the production – and conversion – of HTML pages seamlessly. As a framework, Smarty enables developers to separate changes on their front-end user interface from the back-end functionalities.

The front-end HTML pages are generated with the help of Smarty tags. These tags represent web elements and using them allows developers to add or remove elements effectively. Smarty tags are highly customizable and can be themed as well.

Smarty also supports variables, logic, loop statements and functions right out of the box. By associating Smarty tags and elements to core functionalities of your website, it is possible to build a truly fluid user experience and responsive web pages on the fly.

Some web developers even go the extent of using Smarty to develop static pages without real back-end functionalities. The fact that Smarty is capable of being used this way shows just how flexible the PHP framework is.

The latest update to Smarty 3.1 was released in September 2012. As a framework, it is backed by thousands – or even millions – of experienced developers from all around the world. By using Smarty, developers can make their web applications modular and easier to maintain.

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