Statusnet Hosting

Statusnet Hosting

When Twitter started the whole microblogging revolution, the concept of microblogging turned from being ridiculous to highly preferred. However, the existing microblogging sites have their limitations. Why not start your own social microblogging site?

StatusNet is the best web application to look into if you indeed want to start your own microblogging site. The framework’s latest installment supports OStatus and offers all the features and flexibility you will ever need.

Whether you are in the process of setting up a microblogging social site for your community or you want to deploy a fully-functional open social network, StatusNet is a good place to start. StatusNet is written in PHP and is compatible with virtually every database framework available today. It also supports immense customization and skinning, giving you complete control over its user interface.

Out of the box, StatusNet is user-friendly enough to use. After installing the script on your server, your new microblogging platform is ready for use. Managing multiple users is made easy thanks to a simple yet functional admin interface.

StatusNet also has quite a lot of add-ons developed by its community of developers from across the globe. You can integrate your microblogging site with other popular services, add features and integrate it with other web applications with the help of these add-ons.

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