SugarCRM Hosting

SugarCRM Hosting

SugarCRM focuses more on customer relationship management (CRM) by offering the right tools for marketers – individuals and corporations – to connect with their customers. SugarCRM offers anything from engagement management to support, all in one platform.

As a CRM solution, SugarCRM is indeed feature-packed. Once set up, the SugarCRM interface can be accessed from any terminal, including smartphones and tablets. Marketers can continue to connect with their potential customers on the go with ease.

The forecasting tools and data management built into SugarCRM also enables companies to present the best-valued deals to their customers. It is very easy to organize relevant data and meet customers highest demands with the help of SugarCRM.

Even top corporations recognize SugarCRM’s intuitive features. Coca-Cola, General Motors and Harris all use SugarCRM as part of their business workflow. The platform’s flexible nature allows it to be integrated to other systems, including a more comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and financial management tools.

SugarCRM is available as an open-source framework or as a web service. It will not be difficult to fine-tune every aspect of the framework to better suit the needs of your organization. The solution also comes in different editions and at different prices.

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