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At knet hosting we understand one of the most difficult things about changing hosting is transferring of your website files and accompanying databases. This is why we have come up with a range of services to assist you.

If your current host uses cPanel we will transfer the site free of charge, regardless of the hosting package you choose. A cPanel migration will bring over your account exactly like it is on the old host, like for like - including emails, website files, databases and all settings.

If your current host doesn't use cPanel, we can still transfer your site for you - but it takes a little longer and involves a a bit more work on our part. For this reason, unless you are purchasing our Ultimate package there is a one off fee of £29.99 for the transfer.

Don't forget, if you're happy you can always transfer your site yourself - we recommend FTP to upload your files and importing your sql file by phpMyAdmin (for your database if you have one). We provide guides in our help centre to help you with FTP and database importing.

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