Zend Hosting

Zend Hosting

Zend or Zend Framework (ZF) is an object-oriented PHP programming framework. Zend is fully implemented in PHP 5 and has been the standard of choice for many web developers since.

OOP or Object-Oriented Programing promotes modular programming in stacks. All components of Zend is fully object-oriented and in compliance with the E_STRICT standard. With every module or stack developed independently, web developers and application creators can create a fully optimized web apps that are not only easy to maintain but also very responsive under heavy load.

Zend is also popular for its flexibility, especially when it comes to skinning and designing front (and admin) user interface. It supports every PHP-based templates by default and can be integrated with unsupported ones using classes and modules.

Zend Framework is also compatible with every popular database frameworks, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL. It can even handle other specific tasks such as email delivery and management thanks to its extensive classes.

Zend’s secret weapon lies in its caching ability. In resource-intensive apps, developers can cache static elements and do proper optimization with the help of Zend’s native caching sub-system. Even better, Zend supports source encryption and decryption for those who want to protect their work.

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